Saturday, 17 December 2016

Saint Helier, Jersey

Over summer I went to Jersey, which is just off the coast of Normandy. It's a small island which you could look around in almost one day!

I went with my mum, sister and cousins and we stayed in the Savoy Hotel. The hotel was so cute and had this huge mirror in the lobby which I was attached to. 

Obviously we went shopping (there's no tax in Jersey so everything is cheaper). I bought a purple pearl bracelet from the famous 'Jersey Pearl' shop and coincidentally matched my nails and rings.  

Later that day we all went to the Bailiwick of Jersey. We took a water boat to a castle and walked up this really really really long pier. 

The beach of Saint Ouen has the best views and food. It was so hard to believe we were still in England with 28 degree weather and views like this. 

PARTY TIME! (my cousins boyfriend's birthday) 

After an amazing trip, we got to the airport to find our flight had been delayed for over 3 hours! There wasn't much to do in the airport, so we just got wasted.... (not me! the adults)

Love Zayna x


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