Friday, 28 April 2017

April Glossybox Review

*April 2017 Glossybox
Monthly subscription is £10 + £3.25 P&P
Includes 5 products
GlossyBox were kind enough to send me their April box a few days ago. I've always wanted to try it and I'm so grateful to have been given the chance to. It's really opened me up to a variety of products I never would have thought about buying!

Firstly, how cute is the packaging?! I love the colour pink, especially baby pink and this box is definitely something I will be keeping forever. 

The box comes with a little card which briefly describes all the goodies inside the box.

1. Merci Handy Love and Hand Cleansing Gel 
Let's face it, hand sanitisers all do the same thing in what they do and sometimes don't smell that nice. Merci Handy have created something cute, pretty and that smells amazing! It's the perfect size for putting in your handbag, pocket and just to take anywhere with you. It leaves your hand feeling clean, but not dry. I absolutely love using this! 

2. Sportfx Double Time Brush Buffer + Powder Duo 
This is one of the softest brushes I've ever had! It's a multi functional brush which is perfect for traveling as it means you don't need to carry as much with you in your makeup bag. You can use both cream and power products with this brush and it applies really well. 

3. Elgon Deliwash Cleansing Conditioner 
I'm not normally one for 2 in 1 hair products, however, I'm obsessed with this product! It leaves my hair feeling clean and so smooth. If you're in a rush, I would definitely recommend this as it saves a lot of time and it also smells amazing! 

4. Rodial Glamolash Mascara
This product definitely give a very voluminous look to your lashes. However, I wasn't overly impresses with this mascara as I prefer ones that give both voluminous and length look to them. Although, it is something I would put in my handbag for a little top up during the day.

5. ModelCo Mini Contour Stick
That bright pink stick shape is a contour stick, yes that's right! It's a more traditional brown contouring shade. I've never used anything like this before as I only use power shades to contour with. From just swatching it on my hand, it's very soft and seems it would blend very easily. I'm really excited to try this.


Friday, 21 April 2017

Mini Selfridges Haul

Hey guys,

So over bank holiday weekend, I treated myself to a few things I've wanted for quite a while now and thought I'd share it with you all.

MAC - Strobe Cream in Pinklite (£25)

I've wanted to try this for a really long time now, as I've heard so many amazing things about it. 

Firstly, the packing is so nice. I like that the bottle has a hard casing as it means it is less likely to get squashed or squeezed out if left open in my makeup bag. It also hasn't got dirty in any kind of way, which is amazing!

I apply this under my foundation using my fingers and mainly to where I highlight, as it gives such a dewy and shiny look. It brightens my skin and it's really good to use if you have dry skin as your makeup applies a lot better. I've had so many comments about my makeup looking very fresh and glowy. Don't worry though, it doesn't make your skin look greasy at all! I love this product so much, a little goes a long way girls. For the price of £25, it's such a good buy.

CHARLOTTE TILBURY - Legendary Lashes Mascara (£25)

I am in love with the packaging of this mascara. I love the rose gold colour of the macara tube, it's so nice. The tube shape is really simple and cute. The font of the writing is very eccentric, just like the mascara itself. 

I've been using the Urban Decay Perversion mascara for almost 2 years now, it has never failed to disappoint me. I bought Legendary Lashes for my sister for her birthday a few weeks ago and have wanted to try it ever since! It makes my lashes look full and voluminous. It stays on all day and night and doesn't go flaky or get clumped together at all. It's so black and builds up beautifully, the brush bristles are PERFECT. I have no need to use my eyelash curler anymore. 

MY KIT CO - My PVC Box Bag (£11.50)



Well to state the obvious, it's clear haha. The measurements of the bag are- L:27cm x W:14cm x D:15cm. 

It's definitely a lot bigger than I thought it would be, which is so good for me as I have way to much makeup! I keep all my palettes in a seperate bag anyway, but all of my other makeup such as brushes, foundation ( the list is never ending...) fit into this bag so easily and it was still only half full when I put everything inside! I could fit all my palettes in here as well and there would still be loads of space.

This bag is amazing for travelling, as it's a good size to fit into any suitcase. The bag is very strong in the sense that it doesn't just collapse if you leave it with nothing inside, it holds up by itself. The handle is also very strong and sturdy and I wouldn't be hesitant about taking it out if I needed to carry it on the tube or something. 

I've never actually bought a clear make up bag before, primarily because of the thought that it would just get really dirty and then everyone can see how messy my things are, not good. However, I must say I really like it. It's so much easier to find what I need as you can see everything that's inside and also because it is so big! 

For the price of £11.50 the bag is an absolute steal. I definitely plan on investing in more of the My Kit Co products soon! 

I hope you enjoyed reading this and it helps you making any decisions you have about whether or not to buy some of these products.

Love Zayna x

*These are all my own opinions and none of this was sponsored.*


Friday, 14 April 2017

W x RS Easter Event

I was lucky enough to get invited to the R Shimmen Comms blogger/influencer Easter event last Wednesday at the W Hotel in Leicester Square. 
This was my first bloggers event so I was really excited to go but also sooo nervous! However, I was put to ease as all the girls were so lovely and friendly.   

On arrival I was greeted with cocktails. These were AMAZING and I had way too many.

Following that was the QUIZ clothing walk-in wardrobe. This wardrobe = heaven! They had clothes from their new collection and I was in love with everything, especially the shoes (as you can tell from the many pictures below!).

I was actually obsessing with these jeans (in my head) even though you can't tell by face. 

QUIZ were so kind and even gave me these absolute beauties! 

Next to the #goals wardrobe was this insane bedroom. The bed was super comfy and there was mirrors everywhere. Mirrors everywhere = my dream room. There was even a mirror on the ceiling (it was actually a lot harder than you would think trying to get a decent picture with a ceiling mirror).



This Lucina King Jewellery is so cute. I want the whole collection so much!

More cocktails and donuts and cocktails and donuts, there was so much food!


This ball pit was life! No matter how old you are, you're never too young for a ball pit, that's all I have to say. 


I've always wanted to sit in a chair like this and I finally did. It so cool, can I have one in my room now please?

These are only some of the pictures I took as there  was so many instagrammable moments at this event, if I posted them all, you would probably think I'm crazy for taking so many pictures.

This event was so amazing, Rosalind did such a fabulous job!

Love Zayna x

p.s thank you to everyone who took pictures for me xox 

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

The View from The Shard

 Hey guys,

On Sunday, my family and I went to The Shard for dinner for my mum's birthday! So, of course we couldn't not go up to see the view. 

We took the lift from the ground floor to floor 33, then another one to floor 69, then walked up one flight of stairs to the first viewing gallery. It was probably the best day to go as the weather was amazing and you could see everything for miles on end. The view was beautiful.


Took a few pictures, of course....

Then we walked up another 2 flights of stairs to the 72nd floor! We were so high up. 

How pretty was this flower wall!?!!

The lighting was so good that it hurt her eyes, so she had to close them, lol. 


After an hour and a bit of staring at what London has to offer, we made our way back down to the 31st floor to the Aqua Shard restaurant.

The bathrooms were so cool, it was all blue coloured glass which looked really pretty when the sun was setting as the light made it look purple as well.  

Enjoy a few bathroom selfies.

Oh and the food was good too. 

We had a window table, so we were able to watch the sun set whilst we ate our dinner. It was such a special day!

Watching the sun set (on a clear night) from The Shard should be one everyone's bucket list.

Love Zayna x


Monday, 3 April 2017

Q+A Part II

As I said, here's part II.

Q. Describe your style in 3 words.
A. Luxury, cute and elegant.

Q. How did you get into fashion and into the style you wear now?
A. As I've grown up, my style has changed a lot. I'm such a girly girl so I love buying new clothes and having loads of options. I do wear mainly black coloured clothes, as I feel it complements my figure the best, but I am slowly adding more colours into my wardrobe. I am a huge fan of tight and over sized cropped hoodies as I think they go with everything!

Q. Where do you buy your clothes from?
A. Zara, Missguided, ASOS, Urban Outfitters and Topshop

Q. Where do you get your style inspiration from?
A. I've taken influence from people I find on Instagram and what's in trend at the time. I know the type of clothes that look best on me, so I stick to what I know looks good.

Q. What is your favourite fashion trend right now? 
A. Cropped hoodies!

Q. How do you keep your skin looking so clear, fresh and glowy?
A. Since I was 10 I've been using the Clinique 3 Step Kit. It comes with a face soap. cleanser and moisturizer. It keeps my skin hydrated and clear.

Q. What's your favourite accessory you own?
A. My blue YSL Sac De Jour Baby Leather Tote. I'm obsessed with it!

Q. What are you favourite products for clear and shiny skin/ black heads/ acne/ dark spots?
A. Clinique products all the way!

Q. What's your favourite make up product at the moment/ or all time favourite?
A. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer in Luminous Bronze Light.

Q. Holy grail make up product?
A. Sleek - Cleopatra's Kiss Highlighting Palette

Q. What's your go to fragrance?
A. Chloe - Love Story

Q. If you had the chance to name yourself, what name would it be?
A. I have no idea!

I hope you've enjoyed reading all these. Again, if you have any more questions email/DM me.

Love Zayna x
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