Tuesday, 11 April 2017

The View from The Shard

 Hey guys,

On Sunday, my family and I went to The Shard for dinner for my mum's birthday! So, of course we couldn't not go up to see the view. 

We took the lift from the ground floor to floor 33, then another one to floor 69, then walked up one flight of stairs to the first viewing gallery. It was probably the best day to go as the weather was amazing and you could see everything for miles on end. The view was beautiful.


Took a few pictures, of course....

Then we walked up another 2 flights of stairs to the 72nd floor! We were so high up. 

How pretty was this flower wall!?!!

The lighting was so good that it hurt her eyes, so she had to close them, lol. 


After an hour and a bit of staring at what London has to offer, we made our way back down to the 31st floor to the Aqua Shard restaurant.

The bathrooms were so cool, it was all blue coloured glass which looked really pretty when the sun was setting as the light made it look purple as well.  

Enjoy a few bathroom selfies.

Oh and the food was good too. 

We had a window table, so we were able to watch the sun set whilst we ate our dinner. It was such a special day!

Watching the sun set (on a clear night) from The Shard should be one everyone's bucket list.

Love Zayna x


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