Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Crete Part II

10th August - Day 3


I'm not a salad eating girl, but omg this has got to be the best thing I have ever eaten!

11th August - Day 4

12th August - Day 5

13 August - Day 6 


 14th August - Flying home in the evening 

Hope you liked this closer insight to my holiday in Crete!!

Love Zayna x


Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Crete Part I

A very overdue post about my recent family holiday to Crete! 

(I took over 1500 photos in the space of 7 days, so I've decided to split up the blog post in two!)

7th August - Departing from London Gatwick 

8th August - Arriving at the Capsis Elite Resort at 1am


Day 1 in Crete 

Riana and I summed up, we're always on our phones...
The food was incredible! 

9th August - Day 2

When I found a pink pool....

(part II is coming tomorrow so make sure you don't miss it!)

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